Calvin's Challenge

April 30, 2011

 Rider Team Place Field
Team Jeni's 
Masters 40+ 
Columbus Outdoor Pursuits 
Masters 30+ 
  Ed Miner: 1st, Masters 40+
Ed Miner
I rode the 100 mile (actually 102 miles) time trial. I averaged just over 20 mph for the day. I took first in my age group. I managed to finish second overall in a field of 15 or 20 racers. The folks who run this do a nice job. The volunteers are super nice. Still, I think they should rename it Calwind's Challenge. The headwind on the out part of the course was brutal. Of course, that meant tailwind on the way back in!
  Jason Armes: 4th, Masters 30+
Jason Armes
Calvin's Challenge 12 Hour Bike Race
Male 35 to 39
203.5 miles in 12 hours