Hines Park Time Trial

August 7, 2011

 Rider Team Place Field
Team Speranza 
Team Jeni's 
Cat 4 
  Jason Keith: 10th, Open
Jason Keith
Eddie Merckx division. Standard Road Bike, no aero bars, spoked metal rims. Finished 9th out of 46. In at 32:15 (12 miles)
  Ed Miner: 13th, Cat 4
Ed Miner
This is an excellent race on a closed course - no traffic except the other bikes passing me. I went one second faster than last year, so at least I did not get worse. It was a personal best average speed in a time trial, 24.1. But even with that, "average" is definitely an appropriate way to describe my speed. The Cat 4s seem to get faster and faster every year at this race.